About Our Services

  • Short Films: We create comedic, dramatic, and documentary style short films. Add a bang to your website with a creative, fun, short film. Give customers a reason to bookmark your site.
  • Public Service Announcements: We have a background in socially conscious filmmaking, which gives us the unique ability to make PSA’s that are effective and thought provoking. Add to it our big budget experience, and your companies PSA will be visually compelling as well effective in its message.
  • Commercial & Corporate Videos: Advertise a new product or service with a bold, beautiful video. Speak directly to your customer with a downloadable how-to video. Share your passion with your consumers through a weekly news program about what’s going on in your company. Create video portraits of your officers for use internally or publicly.
  • Webisodes: Film Fatale creates both scripted and documentary video programs, generally 2-4 minutes per episode. These shows entertain and educate, utilizing compelling characters while addressing issues that face individuals, a company and/or society.
  •  New Media: Consumer attention is rapidly shifting towards the web. With entertainment merging more and more with branding, we create engaging short films and webisodes in line with your corporate brand, ideology or special cause. Feature branded entertainment at an event, on your website, throughout online communities, downloaded to digital devices, in an email blast or on your customers web and blog sites. Let our videos deliver your message to a wider audience and help your company inform and entertain new and existing customers.
  • Producing and Directing: Maggie Hadleigh-West is available to work on independent films, television/cable productions not generated by Film Fatale. In this capacity, she brings twenty-years of experience to a production, as well as a tenacity unparalleled in the independent film world.