PH overview

This intimate, and even loving portrait of “thug life” and the music of Half-a-Mill is not to be missed.

This has been a work of passion, love and danger for Hadleigh-West. On day one of shooting, Hadleigh-West was robbed at gunpoint in the Brownsville Housing Projects. In another incident, Hadleigh-West broke into a well known NYC hospital to interview a young black man who’d been followed from Brooklyn, car jacked in Manhattan and was near death from five bullet wounds to his body. Despite the danger to herself and her film crew, she continued to shoot, developed enormous love and respect for the men she worked with, and prayed daily that they’d survive their environment.

Her intention with this film is to bring audiences into a world they might otherwise ignore, or be too frightened to enter, in an effort to share the incredible humanity that is at risk daily of being lost to violence in communities all over the US and world. For further information, or to interview Maggie Hadleigh-West, please call 718. 230.0885 or email maggie at