War Zone Press Quotes

“Shrewdly building a canny tale of humor, hostility, and, ultimately, physical violence.  War Zone is a charged 76 minutes that asks the questions on the mind of every woman who knows the anger and frustration of not being able to walk down the street undisturbed.” -Hazel-Dawn Dumpert, LA Weekly  

“Funny and Shocking!” -Susan Sarandon, Academy Award Winning Actor  

“You have to admire her courage and honesty…she has made a highly provocative film!” -Kevin Thomas, LA Times  

“War Zone is as spontaneous and humorous, as it is relentless and painful in it’s investigation of gender relations.” -Nicholas Wenner, Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)  

“War Zone is utterly solid, carried along by the Director’s smarts and charisma.” -Nada Ulaby, Windy City Times  

“Off the pavement, at dinner tables and parties, her film might start a small-scale war between the sexes.” Karen Avenoso, Daily News  

“One of the most provocative and beautifully made films I’ve seen in years.” – John Pierson, Indie Guru and author of Spike, Mike, Slackers and Dykes  

“Alarming and electrifying! Utterly compelling…War Zone may well be the best date movie of the summer, but expect to see more arguing than necking in the back rows.” -Emily Barton, Time Out New York  

“Everything she shows is fascinating, revealing and provocative.” -Jonathon Rosenbaum, Critics Choice, Chicago Reader    

“Feisty and provocative.” -Dave Kehr, New York Daily News  

“We’ve seen War Zone twice already, and we’re coming back! “- 3 Female Attendees  

“…Besides her courage to expose herself to these hungry men, the fascination of War Zone lies in an extraordinary and smart relationship between the public and the private space.” -Jan Distelmeir, epd (Germany)   Bravo! 

“A very thought provoking film that honestly deals with a deeply disturbing subject.  Between the anger and the laughter, one can’t help but be touched emotionally.” -Bruce Sinofsky, Co-Director Brother’s Keeper and Paradise Lost  

“Rarely has one seen such obvious privileges being questioned with such clarity and yes, actually with humor.” -Eva X Moberg, Aftonbladet (Sweden)  

“…This is a war of a very special kind, the violence of lecherous men who give unwanted attention… War Zone shows how the body of a woman can become a battlefield, just by what she wears.” -Jurgen Veil, Moving Pictures (Germany)  

“Finally, every woman who’s endured such unpleasantries as “Mmm…I want some of that…” on her way to the deli or dry cleaner has someone fighting for her right to walk public streets in peace.” – New York Magazine    

“Every man in Americas should see this movie!” – Male Attendee on CNN

Interviews with Hadleigh-West include: The Today Show, CBS News, Penthouse Magazine, Ms. Magazine, New York Observer, NPR, Time Magazine Online, TNT Roughcut.com, The Leeza Show, News America, London Times, Dagens Nyheter (Largest daily: Sweden),  
BBC World: USA Direct, Sex TV (Toronto), Daily Telegraph (Largest daily: England), BBC World Service and many more…